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Claybank, Saskatchewan
Yarker, Ontario
Brantford, Ontario
Montmartre, Saskatchewan
Wolseley, Saskatchewan
Ferryland, Newfoundland

Re-imagining heritage spaces in rural places.

Consulting on a variety of projects across Canada, The Heritage + Design Company strives to identify, cultivate, and celebrate the tangible and intangible cultural heritage in rural communities. At the junction between design and heritage conservation, begins a fascinating dialogue where the past and the future are simultaneously informing the present - the living heritage of the place. The Heritage + Design Company focuses on harnessing heritage fabric to foster innovative ideas brought to life through multimedia presentations and design-build projects. Through re-imagining heritage spaces in rural places, The Heritage + Design Company develops place-based projects as economic drivers and creates vibrant, sustainable communities as 'heritage hotspots'.


Community Engagement.

Project Management. 

Architectural Design.

Multimedia Projects.


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